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A while back PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) released a video that documented some procedures taking place at a “Kosher” slaughterhouse. Aside from being disturbing (no one will claim that Shechita is not a messy process) this video was excellent at showing the many ways to do a non-Halachic Shechita.

The OU has reassured everyone that the procedures that were done were all Halachically permissible. That they have stood by this position only makes it more of an issue, as it means that the practices in the videos below likely continue in AgriStar (the new name of the same plant) and in others. It is even possible that other slaughterhouses have adopted these invalidating practices on account of the OUs statements. So, if you have unwavering faith in the Hechsher of the meat you eat, call over a someone very familiar with the laws of Shechita and see if you can spot the Halachic issues. The full video can be seen here.

Each of the videos below contain at least one halachic issue which would make the Shechita invalid. Many of the videos show elements of Tzaar Baalei Chaim (causing undo pain) as well. All of the meat was later marked as kosher. Can you find the issues?

How about here?

Seems like this guy is in a rush:

I hope this piece isn’t important:

Have you found at least 4 problems? Have you found 5? 6? Would you believe that everything shown in these clips is Halachically acceptable? Do you think the Orthodox Union actually believes that these animals are kosher?

Were you not able to find the issues in the video? Here are some still-images, each with at least 1 halachic issue in the meet marked or going to be marked as kosher.

kidney005 lung_attached004 lung_attached003


Don’t worry if you weren’t able to spot the exact problems. Unless you are a Shochet or someone whose job is checking animals for Kosher marks and issues, in which case relearn the relevant sections of Halacha before going back to work or you will be responsible for causing tens of thousands of people to eat non-kosher.

For everyone else, starting next week, we will dissect the issues visible above.


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